The Story

I believe that as girls, ladies, women, we are ultimately better together and so much stronger when we build one another up. I pray that my honest words may impact you and allow you to see the work of God himself, and for you to know you are not alone, that I am human and we are probably more alike than you know.


The Story Behind DYL

Dancing in Your love originally began as a place for me to write and simply process my thoughts.  In the Summer/Fall of 2015, I was in a season of brokenness and the only way for me to understand what was going on in me and around me was to write. Not only do I LOVE dancing but I view my relationship with God as a dance, a really long one lol and as I dance with Him, sometimes it’s easy to catch the beat and other times I struggle to find the rhythm. But the point of dancing with Him is that I can find His love in every season, every activity, literally everything I choose do.

 I blog about my life- lessons I learn, struggles I face, with pictures of super cute outfits, and so on! Thank you for taking your sweet time to join me on my journey to figuring out more about myself, what I was created to do, and the secrets of my Creator.

Dancing In Your Love is a community for girls to come together in Houston- no matter your past, your church background, your mistakes, your brokenness. It is a community where you can come as you are every season and you will be loved, because He loves you just as you are.

Lets dance together ❤